How we do it

We like to think what makes us different is or approach is personal from start to finish. We take only a select number of cases at any one time. The reason we limit the number of cases is so we can strive to provide unparalleled personal service and fully devote our time and energies to each client we serve. We understand how stressful being arrested and charged is, and our focus is to alleviate the stress you may have about the uncertainty of the criminal justice system. By investing time with our clients, we learn what matters most and what is unique about their situation. We understand that many DUI clients have never been arrested before and the trust they place in us, is repaid with one-on-one attention and personal service.

To succeed in mountaineering, you must prepare for every obstacle to achieve your goals. As in the mountains, the key to success in the courtroom is teamwork ans communication. We have the skill to offer legal advice seasoned by years of courtroom experience. Although these situations demand the most proficient and aggressive lawyering, it is more important never lose sight to be supportive and compassionate during this difficult time. We have built our practice around being client-centered.

  • Free Initial Consultation: during the consultation we discuss the case from the client's prospective, learning what matters most and what is unique about the client's situation and family. We strive to answer all legal questions without legalese, so the client can making informed decision how to proceed.


  • Flexible Meeting Times and Consultations: We make every effort to accommodate our client's work and family schedule. We offer flexible meeting times and weekend appointments. If the client prefers, consultations can occur by telephone. If more convenient to the client, we don't require that the client to attend court appearances with us.


  • No Limit on Attorney-Client Communications: Good communications is critical to a successful outcome. Clients are encouraged to contact us whatever they have questions, whether it is a quick phone call , email or a sit down meeting to discuss things in detail. We pride ourselves and being available. Not only does this provide you the assurance of knowing you can reach your lawyer at critical times. It also helps us to do our job more effectively. Working together on a case not only lowers stress your stress but results in a better outcome- since our clients are the best resource for understanding what happened. Clients have a variety of needs and sometimes a simple phone call just to assure them that the matter is on track is welcomed. By providing and welcoming unlimited client communication, is the best way to address those client's needs. We want to hear from you, and you'll definitely be hearing from us: as together we map out the story and put together the best defense possible for success.


  • Direct Access to Your Attorney: Unlike some firms that will hand the case off to a junior associate, Mr. Phillips personally handles each case. We understand these cases can be emotionally difficult for our clients, so we have a full time staff to assist in daily client services. Additionally, our office policy is to respond to all client inquiries the same day. We foster an environment that supports the attorney-client relationship and eliminates artificial barriers between the attorney and client found at other firms.

We are committed to striving to provide the highest level of DUI defense while offering thoughtful and non-judgmental understanding- to guide you through this challenging legal journey. We look forward to hearing from you.