For nearly 25 years Michael Phillips has been a fearless, tenacious and committed trial attorney for individuals and families who find themselves in need of courtroom representation. Committed to protecting the rights of individuals, Mr. Phillips is well versed in the courtroom and passionate about obtaining justice for his clients when facing the government or opponents with vast resources and power.

If you have been arrested in Roseville for DUI call 530-265-0186 to speak with a DUI Lawyer to learn what your options are. It may not be as bad as you think, but time is important: The DMV must be contacted within 10 days of your arrest to save your license!

We strive to treat each client's case with compassion, confidence and conviction.

  • Compassion: We understand how stressful being arrested and charged is and we do our best to alleviate any stress you may have about the uncertainty of the criminal justice system. More importantly, we also understand that the typical DUI client is very often different from other types of criminal clients. Most folks have never been arrested before. The trust they place in us is repaid with one-on-one attention and personal service.

  • Confidence: Michael Phillips is an experienced advocate for his clients. He understands the turmoil that comes with being arrested and the importance of helping clients through a difficult personal time. He combines his extensive experience and insight with old fashioned hard work and persistence. By preparing each case for trial right from the start- Mr. Phillips can negotiate from a position of strength when advocating for his clients' rights.

  • Conviction: While always trying to obtain the best result, we never lose sight of the importance of guiding clients through the process with compassion and respect, providing exceptional service and communication, bringing unparalleled focus to each case.

Hopefully, you notice right away some important differences about our site.

First, there are no pictures of handcuffs, flashing police lights and folks doing field sobriety tests under the watchful eye of a police officer! Frankly, you probably have enough stress already- and one of my most important jobs as an attorney is to help lower your stress, not increase it.

Second, unlike a lot of attorneys on the internet we never use scare tactics to get clients. To be sure, a DUI can be serious, but the best thing to do is learn as much as you can to understand your options. As the old saying goes, " knowledge is power" and the last thing the DA wants is for you to have power. Hopefully, you find this site a good start to answer your questions. On this site I provide straightforward information about your DUI defense, my firm and my philosophy.

Third, if you call my office, my staff will put your call through to me as we don't use 'salespersons'. I invite you to read through the site and call me to discuss your case free of charge. I will give you an honest appraisal of your case and explain you options in detail.

Lastly, at the Phillips Law Offices, your attorney is the one in the firm name, not an associate or inexperienced lawyer. I have a full time staff to provide client service, but ultimately, I personally handle each case. More importantly, I am not a "Johnny-come-Lately" feeling good about putting folks in jail as a prosecutor simply for a paycheck, then later claiming to be a true advocate for rights of the accused! I am proud that I have spent my career asking tough questions from the defense side of the table, not easy questions to police officers from the prosecution side.

We accept cases in all of Placer County including Auburn, Roseville, Colfax, Granite Bay, Loomis, Lincoln and Tahoe City.

Questions about a Roseville DUI? call us at 530-265-0186 or e-mail us below *
Questions about a Roseville DUI? call us at 530-265-0186 or e-mail us below
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