Should I Hire a DUI Attorney to Represent Me ?

First, even if you believe that you're guilty, you're still legally presumed innocent. A good DUI attorney can evaluate the strength of the proof against you in ways that you cannot do yourself.

Second, a major issue in every case is whether the police overstepped their bounds and unlawfully stopped, arrested, tested and charged you. A good lawyer will evaluate whether you were treated properly. If your rights were violated, there may be no case against you.

Finally, the help of a good DUI attorney is critical in limiting the damage that a DUI case can have on your family, your life and your livelihood. Impaired driving law (alcohol or drugs) is one of the most politically sensitive areas of the American legal system. Although most DUI cases are misdemeanor offenses, the consequences for a conviction can often parallel or exceed some felony punishment. Hence, handling one of these cases without legal counsel can be a life-changing mistake.

An experienced and ethical attorney will direct you to the help and counseling that you may need to rebuild and restore your life after the damage of alcohol and a DUI case. Of course, your attorney's goal should be to minimize the penalties such as jail and license revocation.