What Makes Us Different...

First, Experience Matters and Mr. Phillips Has Helped 1000's of People in His 25+ Years in the Courtroom

Many lawyers claim to have 'experience' but when you take a close look they either have not been practicing law that long or they have experience doing other types of law. Since the "Great Recession" lots of lawyers who were doing some other kind of law, have started doing DUI and criminal defense. Simply, they lack the experience, devotion and motivation to obtain consistent results. I have been a committed criminal defense attorney for my entire career which makes me an adept and effective negotiator. I have a solid reputation with local judges and prosecutors and as a result over the years I have been hired by police officers, prosecutors and other professionals. Just as important, in successful negotiations, prosecutors know which defense attorneys go to trial and which ones never do and always plead their clients guilty. Although, I strive tirelessly and diligently to obtain the best results for my clients without a trial; when a trial is the best course of action, I have tried over 75+ jury trials. Decades in the courtroom has taught me that no two cases are the same and I leverage that experience and knowledge of legal strategies to aggressively target the best outcome possible.

Second, Mr. Phillips Will Personally Handle Your Case to Assure Individualized Representation

At the Phillips Law Offices, your case is always personally handled by the senior attorney in the firm name, unlike certain “state-wide” firms that once retained, farm out their work to inexperienced junior attorneys. A lot of firms on the internet extol their “TV exposure” and “big city” expertise in criminal and DUI defense, but in reality specialize more in marketing than quality criminal representation. So the first question you should always ask is, who is actually going to be your criminal defense lawyer and you have the right to know this information before you retain a criminal law firm’s services.

Michael Phillips knows no two criminal cases are the same and is dedicated to getting the best possible outcomes for his clients while never losing sight to provide individualized legal representation and caring legal guidance. He really listens to his clients at a time when few people stop to hear any side but the prosecution side. Mr. Phillips understands that being arrested or charged with a crime is a frightening experience. That's why the Michael Phillips' mission is to ethically and tenaciously defend his clients, even before the case reaches the courtroom. With years of experience in the criminal justice system in Yuba, Placer, Butte and Nevada County, he is able to deliver a hard-hitting defense in a cost-effective manner. If you are seeking an aggressive and tenacious Yuba County criminal defense lawyer who will work diligently and give you straight advice without any ‘legalese’, you are personally invited to call him.

Third, Close Personal Contact with Your Attorney

Facing criminal charges is a stressful situation and nothing compounds the stress more than the inability to reach your attorney. At The Phillips Law Offices, we put a premium on the accessibility of our Yuba County criminal defense lawyers and support staff. We're here to provide emotional support as well as legal representation. To do this, every day we strive for three policies:

  • Every client phone call, email or text is returned the same day; and
  • Every client gets the personal cell phone number of his/her attorney.
  • We strive to have an “open door” philosophy informing clients each step of the process

Not only does this provide you the assurance of knowing you can reach your lawyer at critical times. It also helps us to do our job more effectively. Working together on a case not only lowers stress your stress but results in a better outcome since our clients are the best resource for understanding what happened. We want to hear from you, and you'll definitely be hearing from us, as together we map out the story and put together the best defense possible for success.

Fourth, Local Criminal Defense Expertise...We Actually Know the Local Courts.

Michael Phillips brings knowledge of local courts’ culture and practices to the defense of people like you who have been charged with felony, misdemeanor, and DUI crimes in the greater Gold Country including: Placer County, Nevada County, Sierra and Butte County. We are not a state wide ( or even nation wide) who then claim to ‘have the local touch’. The Phillips Law Offices is not a referral firm and we don't make money splitting lawyers fees.  (There are enough of those on the Internet) We don't practice nationwide or even statewide (as if that was truly possible).  

There are lots of so called statewide criminal defense firms, which are really nothing more than a referral firm. They really don't have a local office or attorney.  I limit my practice to the local courts so I know the local judges and prosecutors and develop trusting relationships with judges, prosecutors, probation officers and court staff. We have offices in Nevada City and Roseville and I accept cases within about 60 miles so I can maintain personal contact with my clients.

Fifth...We Take a Proactive Approach to All Cases

Some Yuba County criminal defense lawyers take a wait-and-see approach. They stall until the first court date, or until they receive the police reports, before investigating and working with you on your case. At the Phillips Law Offices, we believe there's no time to waste. The most critical window for defense work may be the first few days following an arrest, or even prior to formal charges being filed. By getting to work immediately, oftentimes we can persuade the prosecutor either not to file criminal charges or less serious charges.

Contact Us for a Free Confidential Consultation

We like to start every case the same way: by listening. We sit down with you (and your witnesses) to hear exactly what happened. The police and the accusers are going to have their story. We'll be presenting yours. So we want to start by hearing and understanding your side of it. Call us at 530-265-0186, if you call my office, my staff will put your call through to me. Not a salesperson. I invite you to read through our site or call me to discuss your case free of charge. I will give you an honest appraisal of the charges, your situation and the options you have. No legalese, just straight talk. And if I am not the attorney for you, I will do my utmost to refer you to the person who is.